The Saunders Family

The-SaundersAbout the Saunders:
Jeff & Katie Saunders grew up in Memphis, Tennessee in Christian homes. They both came to faith in Christ early in life and developed a heart for missions throughout their early high school years. They were married in 2011. Katie has a BS in Communications from the University of Tennessee and Jeff has a BS in Nursing from University of Memphis and a Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. They are blessed to have a daughter, Emerie, born in December 2015. It was during seminary that the Lord began to call the Saunders to be a part of the advancement of His Kingdom in Tokyo, Japan.

Mission in Tokyo:
The Saunders are raising support to join the MTW team, who are at work planting churches in Tokyo, Japan. Grace Harbor Church is a new church plant located in the Tokyo Waterfront area. The team’s prayer is that the Waterfront area will be FILLED with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Hb 2:14). And then, out of this “filling,” there would be a great pouring over into all other parts of Tokyo, Japan, and ultimately to the ends of the earth. The Japanese people have very little knowledge of or interaction with Christianity in their daily lives. That means with under 0.5% of Japanese people professing Christ, the majority of people will live their entire lives never having met a Christian, never hearing the hope that the gospel brings, never hearing of their being made in God’s image, never hearing of their true worth and dignity, and certainly never hearing of the creator God who loved them enough to offer his Son to make atonement for them and provide hope for this life and the next. MTW’s church plants in Tokyo are striving to create safe, loving, and attractive places for the Japanese people to meet Christians, hear the Gospel, and join a community of other believers where they are truly valued and loved. Their beautiful culture of community makes the centrality of the church all the more important in this context. Our team’s goal is to do just that—create a community that fosters and shows the love of Christ to a beautiful, hurting city.

To read more about the Saunders, visit their website HERE.

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