“From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament,
grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work”. (Eph. 4:16)


The goal of each ministry cell is to provide leadership and direction for ministry teams as we seek to carry out the purpose and mission of Christ Presbyterian Church. Ministry Cells are made up of officers, staff personnel and members of the church.

Worship and Christian Education

Leader(s): Robert Browning and Heidi Shafer
When: Quarterly Meetings
Scope: Women’s, Men’s, Youth, Children’s Ministry and Christian Education

The Worship and CE ministry cell provides oversight and leadership for corporate worship as well as all adult, youth, and children’s Sunday school classes at CPC. It also handles direction for women’s, men’s, youth, and children’s ministries including but not limited to VBS and nursery. If you are interested in serving with this ministry cell, or volunteering as a teacher, teacher’s assistant, please contact Heidi Shafer or Robert Browning .

Assimilation and Fellowship

Leader(s): Jerry Morris
When: Ongoing
Scope: New Visitors, Regular Visitors, New Members, and Fellowship Events – Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Dinner and Easter Brunch

The Assimilation and Fellowship ministry team provides leadership and oversight for all church-wide fellowship events throughout the year. They also provide hospitality and care for the integration of visitor, regular attenders and new members. If you are gifted in the area of hospitality or have a heart for serving and want to serve on this ministry cell, please contact Jerry Morris .

Evangelism and Missions

Leader(s): Dr. Dick Butler (Global Missions), Keith Miller and Seth Herren (Local Missions)
When: Monthly
Scope: Global and Local Missions and Community Groups

The Evangelism and Missions committee team seeks to provide opportunities for our church to be involved in missions projects within our community, regional and globally. We keep our congregation abreast of church plants and other mission works that we support through prayer and financial support. If you have a desire to be more involved with relief projects, community development, or things of this nature, then please contact Randy Greenslade at If you would like to be a part of the world missions team, please contact Dr. Dick Butler .

Global Missions:
The World Missions Team of Christ Presbyterian Church, out of gratitude for the complete work of Jesus Christ on our behalf, exists to joyfully and passionately follow His mandate to us in the Great Commission.

To this end, our team meets monthly with the following goals:

  • To monitor, encourage, and pray for the world missionaries supported by CPC
  • To provide information to the church leadership and congregation regarding CPC-supported international missionaries and their ministries
  • To build awareness among the members of CPC regarding the need for missions to all people groups of the world
  • To organize and effectuate a yearly CPC conference highlighting global missions
  • To coordinate visits with CPC-supported world missionaries when they are on leave in the USA in order to update the church on their ministries
  • To seek and create opportunities for CPC members to become involved in “making disciples of all nations” through short-term missions
  • To equip those from CPC who go internationally, whether for short or long-term missions, with prayer, discipleship, and financial aid
  • To preserve sound stewardship of the human and financial resources entrusted to the global missions effort of CPC

Local Missions:

  • City Project Planning Team. The Local Missions Team of Christ Presbyterian Church meets in the Spring to start planning and coordinating our summer Church-wide missions outreach event, City Project. During this week, our members and regular visitors come together to work on home restoration projects and needs specific to Desoto County. In the evening, we fellowship together in various church members’ homes over a meal and a devotion focused on the gospel of grace.
  • Olive Branch Food Pantry. The Olive Branch Food Pantry exists to provide emergency food for up to 10 days to Desoto Country, MS residents who are in need. CPC serves at the Food Pantry quarterly from 10:00 – 12:00. If you are interested in serving or participating in this local outreach, please contact Elizabeth Peacock.


Leader(s): Susan Stout (Mercy Meals), Joel McClure (Peace-making), Robert Browning (Visitation and Prayer)
When: Ongoing
Scope: Mercy, Peacemaking, Visitation and Prayer

The Shepherding Ministry Team is responsible for oversight of our shepherding related ministries, including mercy, peacemaking, visitation, and prayer. If you have a heart for any of these areas, please contact our church office at 662-895-7035.

The Mercy Meals team ensures that new mothers and their family receive meals following a new birth, help coordinate meals for people following surgeries or hospital stays and help coordinate our mercy response for those who have lost loved ones. For more information, please contact our Mercy Meals coordinator, Susan Stout.

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