Local Missions

Olive Branch Food Pantry


Leader(s): Elisabeth Peacock
Where: 10947 Mississippi 178, Olive Branch
When: Quarterly | 10 am – 12:00 pm
The Olive Branch Food Pantry exists to provide emergency food for up to 10 days to Desoto Country, MS residents who are in need. CPC serves at the Food Pantry quarterly. If you are interested in serving or participating in this local outreach, please contact Elisabeth Peacock.




RUF at University of Memphis


Leader(s): Jonathan Keenan
Where: University of Memphis
When: Ongoing/Weekly

In all that we do on campus, RUF seeks to be honest. We don’t assume a “generic Christianity,” but sincerely embrace the system of doctrine set down in a historical document called The Westminster Confession of Faith. This also means that we are open about our affiliation.

RUF is the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. RUF wants to create a fellowship of students where every person, regardless of background, personal history, or conviction, can examine the truth claims of Reformed Christianity in a non-threatening atmosphere. Our fellowship on campus is not limited to those who have a prior commitment to being Reformed, Presbyterian or even Christian.

We believe in the full authority, sufficiency, and infallibility of the Bible. In an age of uncertainty and skepticism we affirm that the Scriptures truthfully tell us all that we need to know about Jesus and how we are called to live our lives in response to his gospel. We believe that the greatest need of every human being is for new life in Jesus Christ. Although the world makes many promises of significance and security, we affirm that knowing Jesus is our only hope for life in this world and the world to come.

We believe the mission of the church is to gather people into the new community of Christ and to help them become more like Jesus. This means we are committed to communicating the message of the gospel to all people and to strengthening the faith and life of Christians through the means God has appointed.

Main Avenues of Ministry

We meet every Thursday night for worship and Bible study. This is a great place to meet new students and learn more about what the bible teaches concerning Jesus. There is always free food, so come hungry. 7.30pm in the UC Memphis rm.

Every semester we have small groups that meet during the week for prayer, bible study and fellowship. This is a wonderful way to cultivate deeper friendships and explore more freely the scriptures.

Our campus staff loves to meet with students and serve their needs on a one-on-one basis.

both regional and national.

for reaching out to those in need.

For more information on RUF at the University of Memphis, please contact Johnathan Keenan by email at johnathan.keenan@ruf.org.




Palmer Home for Children


The mission of Palmer Home for Children is to provide superior residential care for children that introduces the love of God through service, and to extend that care to many more children in need. Palmer Home is a Christian organization that seeks to play a part in the global symphony of efforts to embody the peace, justice, and hope of God.  We hope to be the hands and feet of God’s compassion, doing justice for those whom God loves and who cannot help themselves. We long for healing and restoration and provide each child with a family, a home, and a community. We seek to soften those hearts that have been hardened by grief, and to create in them a place “Where Hope Still Grows.”

Palmer Home for Children currently serves nearly 100 children from birth through college age who live year-round on two campuses in Columbus, MS and near Hernando, MS. Palmer Home extends counseling to the family of origin, foster care, and other family-related services. Serving individual children as well as sibling groups, Palmer Home provides an opportunity for every child to overcome existing obstacles, build on valuable strengths, learn traditional family values, and have available the foundation to become responsible, caring adults. Palmer Home is here to extend effective, healing help, so that hurting children can dare to hope, to dream, and to love again, all because caring friends have chosen to participate in Palmer Home’s growing outreach, prayerfully and lovingly providing financial support and volunteer help.

What It Costs
Palmer Home for Children provides residential care without charge to children who have a need for viable placement, all without regard to race or creed. In making admission decisions, we look at the severity of the child’s need and our demonstrated ability to help. We do not require that a child or children’s family pay tuition or make a gift to Palmer Home in order for children to be considered for admission. We will not seek to recover the cost of a child’s care.  We are supported entirely by voluntary gifts.




Restoration NOW


Leader(s): Dwayne Williams
Where: Various Sites
When: Ongoing

The vision of Restoration NOW is to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ by expressing His love, compassion, and hope for restoration of people and communities as it is found in His gospel.

  • Developing and improving individuals and communities.
  • Fostering an environment of service to individual and communities.
  • Encouraging partnerships between churches, individuals and communities.

Our mission is to reach out to partners who are willing to invest themselves and resources in God’s work of repairing and restoring lives and communities.

  • Recognizing- People and their needs
  • Reaching- Partners and their resources
  • Repairing- Lives and communities

“Recognizing needs, Reaching partners and Repairing communities.”

If you are interested in serving or participating in this local ministry outreach, please contact Dwayne Williams. More information on Restoration NOW can be found on their website at www.restoration-now.org.

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Mid-South Church Planting Network


CPC is proud to partner with the Mid-South Church Planting Network whose mission is to be a resource to churches and presbyteries in the planting of new churches.

The Mid-South Church Planting Network is a group of PCA churches in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and west Tennessee that have come together to see new churches started for the glory of the God. Our desire is to see churches planted that are enamored with King Jesus in all they say and do. We believe that church planting is the most effective way to reach those who do not know the hope and promise of the Gospel. We know there are key areas throughout the Mid-South where PCA churches are needed. We also want see mutli-ethnic and African-America churches birthed, which simply reflects the beauty that is the throne room of Heaven.

For more information you can visit their website at
http://www.midsouthchurchplanting.net/ or their facebook page at www.facebook.com/midsouthchurchplanting

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