Prayer List


Prayer List for the week of December 10, 2017

CPC Families: In order to nurture, support, and strengthen each other in prayer, each week three families appear on the prayer list. Please pray for God’s blessing upon them throughout the week: Paul and Franceta Swain (Paul), Ann Thompson and Angie Willcoxon.
CPC Mothers to be: Ashley Cosbey King (daughter of Scott and Peggy Cosbey), and Rebecca Mitchell.
The House Family: It is with great sadness that we inform you that Patti House’s husband, Richard House, and his dad, Wayne House, died last Saturday. Please pray for God’s mercy for Patti, Mikayla, and Carmen as the waves of grief come forth due to the loss of a husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather.  Pray also for their extended family, for their friends, and for Richard’s co-workers in the days and weeks to come and that God’s peace and presence will be felt.
Peacock Family: Please be in prayer for the Peacock family as doctors try to assess and treat some chronic pelvic pain Elisabeth is having.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they diagnosis and develop a course of treatment. Please pray that the treatment would be effective and that Elisabeth might soon get some much needed relief.
Lindey Steele:  Please pray for Lindey, niece of the Hawkins family.  She suffered a seizure last week and the family is waiting on EEG test results.  Please pray for wisdom for the physicians as they seek to find the cause as well as for peace for the family as they wait on test results.
Lynn Howard:  Please pray for Sissy Allmon’s cousin who has been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer.  Lynn will undergo chemotherapy and will participate in a research project in hopes of being a recipient of the non-placebo treatment.  She will not know which treatment she is receiving.  Please pray for strength during the treatment, the presence of Jesus to be seen and felt during this trial and for healing.
Ongoing Prayer Concerns: Michelle Wright, Dorothy Bryant, Joanne Boucher, Libba Cook (Susan Peterson’s cousin), Priscilla and Fred Reed, Amelia Greenslade, Andy Peterson, Tom Bryant (Peggy Cosbey’s father), Jennifer Jacobs (friend of Susan Stout who has cancer), Noemie Higginson (chronic pain), Tyler Barnes (Tyler’s father, Ryan is a friend of Reid Greenslade), Savannah Scarcy (friend of Karen Corbitt), Mary Belle Williams, John Harris (Tom Harris’s brother), Debby Johnson (Leah Dygert’s aunt), and Will Nailen (family friend of Amy Haynes).
Our Seriously Ill: Clay Christian, Elijah Talley, Jim Tabor, Wade Cappetta, Betty Armstrong, Brandy Grant, and Meg Longo (Leanne Maertens’s daughter).









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