Prayer List


Prayer List for the week of January 28, 2018

CPC Families: In order to nurture, support, and strengthen each other in prayer, each week three families appear on the prayer list. Please pray for God’s blessing upon them throughout the week: Suzanne Argo, Larry and Sharon Wright, David and Kristi McNeely (Campbell and Cooper).

Rich Stump (Jeremy’s Dad): Mr. Stump was hospitalized last Sunday with seizures, extremely low blood sugar and a blood infection. Pray that the physician determines the causes of Mr. Stump’s illnesses and that he has a speedy recovery.

 A church friend: A church friend asks that we continue to pray for her son, homeless in downtown Memphis. After years of family support, interventions, rehabilitation, and financial support, he is now living on the streets. Sadly, he has left behind a young son and a very loving Christian family. Please pray that God will reach this young man and show him His overwhelming grace and power to heal any addiction. Pray also for God’s comfort for his family as they deal with this stressful situation on a day-to-day basis.

Kay Pearcy (Kim Knop’s Mom):  Kim’s Mom passed away on Tuesday due to complications from a hip replacement. Please continue to be in prayer for the family as they mourn the death of Mrs. Pearcy who was called home to her eternal rest in Christ.

Ann Thompson:  Ann continues her physical therapy at home.  Please continue to pray for her overall recovery. If you want to send Ann a card or flowers, her home address is 2520 Stewart Road, Signal Mountain, TN 37377.

Lynn Howard:  (Ovarian cancer) Please pray for strength, minimal side effects, healing, and an awareness of the presence of Jesus during this trial treatment stage.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns: Lindey Steele (Hawkins’ niece), Elisabeth Peacock (endometriosis), Michelle Wright, Dorothy Bryant, Joanne Boucher, Libba Cook (Susan Peterson’s cousin), Fred Reed, Amelia Greenslade, Tom Bryant (Peggy Cosbey’s father), Jennifer Jacobs (a friend of Susan Stout who has cancer), Noemie Higginson (chronic pain), Tyler Barnes (Tyler’s father, Ryan is a friend of Reid Greenslade), Savannah Scarcy (friend of Karen Corbitt), Mary Belle Williams, John Harris (Tom Harris’s brother), Debby Johnson (Leah Dygert’s aunt), and Will Nailen (family friend of Amy Haynes).

Our Seriously Ill: Clay Christian, Elijah Talley, Jim Tabor, Wade Cappetta, Betty Armstrong, Brandy Grant, and Meg Longo (Leanne Maertens’s daughter).









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