Weekly Gatherings

Youth Group

Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Church Fellowship Hall
Youth 6th – 12th Grade

What to Expect!

Thank you for checking out Christ Pres! For a newcomer I know it may seem a bit intimidating to walk into a place you have never been and be around a bunch of people you don’t know, but I assure you our group is very welcoming and by the end of the night you will fit right in. But just in case you are still a little nervous, here’s what you can expect as a first-time visitor.

gagaballJunk Food and Gaga Ball! Although youth group technically begins at 6:30, students usually start trickling in around 6:00 just to hang out. CPC Youth Group is unique in the fact that we have over half a dozen schools represented and a strong contingent of homeschoolers. Chances are that if you’re new, somebody else from your school will probably be here. Upon arrival, the first thing you will notice is loud music, tons of junk food, kids just hanging out…and the infamous Gaga Ball pit. If you do not know about Gaga Ball, I guess you are just going to have to come and see what it is for yourself.

GameGame Time! Once 6:30 hits, we gather and spend 30-40 minutes just doing what teenagers enjoy doing. There’s usually some sort of VOLUNTEER up-front game (This is where you get to sit back and watch someone else get embarrassed…and they still volunteer the next week!) Next we will typically view a crazy video or two that is currently trending (for no real reason other than a good laugh). And then we have a large group “all-play” game. Whether it’s Kickball, Dodgeball, Sardines, The Blob, Crime Scene, Scavenger Hunts, Name That Tune, Pop culture trivia, Charades, Noodle Ball, Pictionary, Giant Beach Ball Volleyball, etc. the group game is always a good time.

Music-worshipWorship! After our game is over, we settle back in downstairs and begin our time of worship. Our youth worship band leads us in prayer and song as our hearts are prepared for the hearing of God’s Word. Next, we will hear a short sermon relevant to the series that is currently being offered. The sermons and series may change, but the guaranteed constant that never changes and will be communicated to teenagers every week is that WE ARE SINNERS AND CHRIST DIED TO SAVE SINNERS. The Gospel that justifies is the very Gospel that also sanctifies. And through the power of this Gospel we are made to be different AND made to make a difference. After the sermon, we will break out in small groups with an adult leader who will lead a directed discussion over what has been preached and how it applies to our lives today.

Music2Thanks for checking out our website. By God’s grace we hope to see you soon!

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