Current Study

Do you ever wonder if Jesus were walking the earth today, how would he navigate today’s problems? How would Jesus approach issues of racism and gender change? What would he have to say about our government leaders or the removal of monuments? What would his stance be on social media or technology as a whole? In this new series “Hot Button Issues 2.0”, we are going to dive into some hard questions that present-day culture and society are posing to us as believers. We will approach each hot topic in the series from the perspective of “What does the Bible have to say about…”. We will start each new topic with discussion in order to understand the “world’s side”. Then we will move on to learning from the Scriptures about the issue at hand. Finally, we will glean some practical applications on how to maintain our faith and live for God’s glory in the face of the hot button issue at hand. Come join us for this insightful and applicable series. Trust me…you don’t want to miss this one!


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