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ann-thompson“A Time to Tell” is a series of lessons on the importance of writing down testaments of God’s faithfulness in a believer’s life. Using her own writings, Ann Thompson, shows the beauty of sharing our stories with the next generation.

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A Time to Tell – “Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So” by Ann Thompson

Birthdays As Unusual

A Time to Tell

Scripture does make it perfectly clear;
Preserve those memories that you hold dear.

Record those events where God has blessed
To His glory and praise you’ll attest.

For what is not written will be lost
A terrible waste and at a great cost.

Writing skills are not required
Simple words will surely inspire.

You are the only Bible some will read
So, clearly explain it’s the Gospel they need.

Your testimony of faith will be uplifting
Especially to one whose life is drifting.
Long after you’re gone your words can speak
To generations after, who truth do seek.

Those who read will hear your voice
Will bow their head, give thanks, rejoice.

All under the sun has a time and a season
You don’t have forever, you must reason.

Please don’t keep secret what God has done
Lest your descendants not be won.

So – go – fetch your pen, begin without fail
Each day you have left is A Time to Tell!

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