Worship Through Music at CPC

Here at CPC, we believe that corporate worship should engage both the head and the heart. As God’s people, our interests should not lie only in learning about God, but in experiencing His all-surpassing love and grace as well. We serve a God who works powerfully through both the intellect and the emotion and we would be remiss if we did not give opportunity in our time of worship for these same two faculties to be engaged.

CPC attempts to offer a truly “blended” worship style. We seek to pull God-honoring elements from both ancient hymnody and modern praise, corporate creeds and contemporary quotations, classical liturgy and grass roots themes. We believe the church should seek to keep its face toward the future while holding on to the time-tested elements of orthodox historical Christian worship – a blended offering from saints both past and present. Although personal preferences are always present, we hope that in every element of our worship, each Sunday, you will be impacted anew in head and heart with a sense of awe in the Gospel of God’s grace.

Philosophy of Worship by Rich Hawkins

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